The aim of the BR Open Days site is to record the dates and rolling stock on display at Open Days,
not just during the Diesel and Electric era, but also from 1948 and right up to the modern day.

You are invited to submit dates, corrections, information and photographic links
to help make this an invaluable reference and nostalgia tool for all enthusiasts.

Last updated: 13 August 2018

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Due to the variety of sources, no guarantee can be given to the accuracy of information contained within this site.

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BR open days is a site that records dates of open days at diesel and electric depots operated by British Rail during the 1980s onwards.All information gratefully received - check here for lists and dates of diesel locomotive electric rolling stock coaches dmu emu and other stock at british rail opendays. 216412-5march2017 217013-6may217242-8June217376-24June217538-18July217730-8Aug218104-13Sep219566-03feb18220459-7May18220955-30June18221380-03Aug18

1948 to 1964